A Little About What We Do
We provide nationwide site-specific past weather
reports, consultation, expert testimony and
climatological studies for legal professionals,
insurance companies, and engineers. If you have a
weather question, we will provide the precise past
weather information you need for your exact
Expert Meteorologist
Our senior weather expert has nine years of
experience in the field of forensic meteorology. He
has written hundreds of expert reports, performed
numerous consultations and has live expert
witness experience in the courtroom.
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The process of ordering a report is quick and easy.   Reports will be customized to
your specific needs and will be delivered in accordance with your time frame.  Before
we perform any billable work we will contact you with our fee.  To submit a request
through the website
click here, or email us at weatherexpert@veritasweather.com.
Expert Forensic Weather Reports
Expert Weather Testimony
Snow/ Ice/ Rain Verification
Climatological Reports
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When weather is in question, we have the answers.
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